Monday, 12 June 2006

just in case no one got an alert for yesterday's entry i've put this!

love Joanne

Sunday, 11 June 2006

been away

hello to all my good friends

i have been away all week since the 3rd June on holiday with my babies and mum. we went to the isle of wight. it was lovely and hot and we had a lovely time.

on thursday Bethany started to be really naughty and uncooperative, normally a sign she is unwell, but looked and seemed ok.

friday she was no better 

we came home yesterday and as soon as we left it became apparent what was wrong. we went straight to the hospital when we got back and my suspicions were confirmed.....she has pneumonia again.

i was so cross with her for 2 days and now feel like i've been a cow to her as she upset me so much thursday and friday, wish she would tell me she felt ill before it got this bad, always happens.

she is home with me they havent hospitalised her as i've nursed her before when she has had this illness.

i will tell you about my holiday in the week as i'm just so exhausted from the driving yesterday, we were out for 9 hours from when we left to when i finally steped in my house last night!

i had 145 alerts when i put the pc on last night....i will try and get to them i promise...although some of them i am a silent reader.

hope you are all well anyway and are enjoying this gorgeous weather we have been having all week...i've got a lovely suntan!!!!

love you all to bits


p.s the grandma from bethany's link family died on the thursday before i left for holiday. we told bethany but she just didn't understand what i was going on about and hasn't said a word about her since. RIP grandma