Sunday, 26 March 2006

I hope you dont mind but i wanted to show you my pictures from last nights swimming gala that bethany went to.All the people that took part had a dissability in some way.

She swam 4 lengths and 2 widths which totals 120 metres. I'm so proud of her!!

The pictures are all of bethany and there are a couple with Shane on and you all know now who i go on about LOL.

the last one is a bit of fun....thanks Jeannette for the link!

The other little girl in the picture was from last was her dad that took the pictures for me!

Love you all lots and lots



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Thursday, 9 March 2006

did i remember to tell you how much i love you all?????? don't think i did! I LOVE YOU ALL LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!!!!!

last 48 hours

A big Thursday hello to everybody!

it has been a busy week here......again!

Bryce has been ill with a bad throat and ear. the dr ummed and arghed over wether he should be given i told him straight.....treat him, the other one ended up in hospital a few weeks ago as you all remember and no way did I want Bryce going through that. He is well on the mend now though so he is ok.

We celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday!!!! It seems like only yesterday that he was wasn't really a celebration though to be honest as he was ill and i was somewhere else for half of it. guess where i you can't!!!!

I'll tell you. I was sitting in the accident department of the hospital with my dear daughter! The phone rang at 9:15 and all i could hear was a man panicing. It was her teacher from school. when he finally managed to speak he told me that he had found bethany with a bottle of antibiotic's and thought she had drank some. yes i know.....antibiotics. partly my fault. she was meant to be going on a 2 night respite, and unknown to me her medicine (which is for her sore throut) wasn't in a child proof bottle as i thought.

so i raced to the hospital to see what was going on. in fact i went so fast i got there before she did. she said she was sorry when she got there and we checked in, and waited, and waited, and waited. when they finally came 2 hours later i told them what had happened. so off they went to measure how much she had drank. "90 mls is left in the many doses had you given her?"   "she has had 2 5ml spoonfulls" i replied. Ok you can go she hasnt drank any. so my major panic turned out to be a major mix up. lol. But she is ok and thats the main thing!!

Her headmaster gave me a massive telling off when i took her back to school and made me cry....although he was a little nicer when i had explained that i was unaware that there was no child proof lid on the bottle. I was told to phone the chemist and investigate why this was. So home i came and done as i was be told they are never in child proof bottles as they are mixed while you wait. so beware everyone that has small children.....they can open the bottles. I personally think this is very silly as most liquid antibiotics are stored in the fridge where the kids can get to the easily. No harm done this time though thankfully.

My love life is going really really well still and we are totally in love!!

hope you are all well!

love you all


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