Sunday, 26 February 2006


Good morning all my journal friends.

I'm online again as you can see. New pc was delivered Friday. seems to be good so far although there is no sound and i was under the impression there was a sound card so I will ring the people who made it yesterday, still have the old pc with a sound card so boyfriend will put that in for me if needed.

My Charlie will be 10 tomorrow! i don't know where the last 10 years have gone seems like 10 minutes ago i was in the hospital being induced with him! lol I'm taking him and his friend out to lunch today to Nando's chicken resturant then on to the cinema for a treat. I took 5 kids out like this last year! never again!!! apart from the fact of trying to watch 5 boys who were 9 for 4 hours was a nightmare it cost me loads of money which i haven't got a lot of at the moment. it will be fun just the 3 of us!

My love life is still going well....we both agree with each other that we have met our soul mate! It is funny feeling like this again over a man!

Kids are all fine and doing well. Baby Bryce is starting to talk a bit now and last week decided he was going to start giving proper kisses, which made mummy very happy as i seem to get loads everyday!!

I will do the photos for definate this week....decided to wait as there was no point putting them on the old pc.

Well i got to run as i have kids to bath and hair to straighten and need to be ready to leave the house at 11 as want to eat at 12 before the film....wont have to buy so many sweets then in the cinema!! lol

Take care and have a lovely Sunday.

Love and hugs


Monday, 13 February 2006

computer is seriously ill

Just a quick hello to give you all an update.

My computer is very very ill. it is infact terminal and will soon be going to pc heaven. I'm very sad about this as if it wasn't for my pc i wouldn't of made lots of new friends, Jeannette, sarajane, Ally and Joan, here in the UK, and Joyce my lovely friend in the US. (if i have forgotten to put someone special i'm sorry but it is near impossible to read anything on the monitir due to the pc's illness, but you know i love you too!!)

There is a happy ending though! Good old dad has lent me the money for a new pc!! I have got it from good old ebay and it will be soooo much better than this one and faster and better and faster and i'm loosing control from the excitement! LOL.

So if i don't comment on your journals or reply to emails I am still about and nothing is wrong so please don't worry. I will be back in action very very soon!

The kids are all fine, Charlie is back to his old self and Bethany and Bryce are wonderful also.

Who'd like an update on my lovely new man???????? We are in love! He has totally bowled me over! He's taken me on a night out...brought me flowers...twice! I have even been and met his mum and dad and had a lovely dinner with them on friday night! Bryce came with me. It was really good, although i felt sooooo sick when we got there. i felt even sicker when dear bryce swang on the carpets and pulled the handle off a unit! It was ok and they were cool about it...thank god for that. So all i can say is it's looking good! I'm off to do a valantines shop in a little while, something i haven't done in ages!

My life is so good at the moment and i honestly can never ever remember feeling like this...lets hope its not the calm before the storm!!

Love you all to bits.


Thursday, 2 February 2006


Well happy thursday to all my good friends and anyone else who is having a nose at my journal!

Charlie is loads better, i know this because he has started arguing with me again and had started to bounce of the walls again as usual, He is calm today though as i have put him back on his adhd medication as of this morning. Hasn't needed it all week as was flat out on the sofa for 4 days and just quiet for another 2.

Would you believe Bethany came home from 2 nights respite with half a tooth in an envelope. the other bit is still in her mouth. We went to the doctors first thing this morning but he couldn't do anything till later as she has a little heart problem so needs a dose of antibiotics before any dental treatment as if she gets an infection after any work it could lead to an infection around her heart. So we are back to the dentist at 5 to have the tooth removed. So please please please keep us in your thoughts at 5pm. She has always been put to sleep in the past to have any sort of dental work done but today is going to be staying awake so god only knows how she is going to react. mum is coming with me so we can both sit on her if needed!!! The poor dentist had a look of  horror on his face when he realised whay had to be done...i don't know who will be more scared!

I'm planning on taking some pictures of the kids in the next few days and will put them up for you when they are all done. They have all grown so much recently.

I have some news to tell you.....I have now myself an absolutely lovely man!!!!! He is very kind and we are besotted with each other. I didn't tell anyone before incase we didn't get on, but so far so good! He was absolutely terrific Friday night when Charlie was rushed into hospital. He followed the ambulance and stayed with me at the emergency room till we knew what was going to happen. He then brought me home to get my stuff and came to see if i was ok at the hospital on saturday when charlie was still in. Then he came round saturday night to keep me company as i was scared to be on my own with charlie so ill. So you had all better start saving for your hats as it is all a bit of a whirlwind at the moment!!!!! I feel like a teenager!!!! lol. I will keep you updated!

Take care everyone and have a lovely day!