Tuesday, 22 August 2006

bloody people!! (but not you lot)

I have managed to have 2 arguments...sorry dissagreements with shane in 2 days.

1 Wedding invitations. we are having them printed with our names and the date on the front. He wanted his name first, said it was traditional. I tried to point out that if they were being sent from my parents my name should be first. I ordered them with my name first..........but put his name first on the order of srevice and napkins.......compromise i think that is called. his mum said he was right my mum said i was right....sigh!

2 His mother has told him that the parents come in the room when you sign the register and are the witnesses. I had already asked him if i could have Clare, matron of honour. He said that was ok as he was having his best man. Now he thinks what his mother says is right and i know nothing, hope this isnt going to be the way the whole time we are married. I told him its silly to even think of our parents being the witneses as there are 4 of them and only 2 can do the job....how would i choose which one???? love both my mum and dad to bits and wouldn't want to hurt either of them by asking the other.

I love Shane, I know that for sure. absolutely. definately, 100%, no doubt in my mind, but whatever his mum says goes as far as he is concerned. I have been telling my mum and as she is very diplomatic she has told me to just smile :).....but i cant. Its winding me up like mad. she has been telling me for ages that the flowers were going to cost her £600. I told my mum, thought she was going to pass out. The price changed quite quickly after i got a quote of £250 maximum, and was told i dont listen properly as that was for the flowers and the photographer.

Am i marrying Shane.....or Shane and his mother, who i love to bits i might add, but she is turning into a wedding control freek. if we ever have a baby I can see my mum and shanes mum fighting on the maternity ward over what the baby should be dressed in!

omg i'm sorry for ranting and raving.

I wish you could all come to my wedding

love you all lots and lots


eBay.co.uk: Cinderella Wedding Castle Cake Topper (Your Colours) (item 320016319030 end time 21-Aug-06 10:43:25 BST)

go visit this link and you will see what i am hoping to have on the top of the wedding cake. we are having it made in cream with silver turrets and baby blue decoration. might have a glass horse and carriage on it, but definately NO feathers round the bottom!!

Saturday, 19 August 2006

This is the email that i got about the pc from the company who i got it from.

do you agree that its all a bit expensive, £25 for return delivery and probably that much to send it and i've got to buy the pacaging and polystyrene???

Thank you for your email, kindly return the PC along with any paper work, which you may have as well as any CD Drivers that was supplied at the time of purchase. You will need to post the PC to the following address:
Please include a small note describing the fault of the PC along with all your details, including contact number. Make sure you use appropriate packaging and we recommend for you to take out transit insurance.
If you wish for u to send the PC back to you, a cheque for sum of £25.00 will need to be included, made payable to . Alternatively we can contact you once the PC is ready and you can arrange collection. The turn around is within 3 Weeks. 
Many Thanks

Let me know what you all think

Love Joanne



here we go AGAIN

my new pc which i only got in february has broken down....ALREADY

turns on ok, but doesnt seem to send any information to anything, does that make sense?

Shane has brought his pc round for me to use....bless him

Have emailed the man i got the pc from, so far no reply, got it from ebay, does anyone know what i should do if he doesnt reply??

anyway on to nicer things

1 church is booked

2 reception is booked

3 catering is booked

4 disco is booked

5 baloons are booked

6 car is sorted....tell you about that it a minute

7 Shane is booked!

8 photographer is booked

9 flowers are booked

can you think of anything else i need to book!!!!!!

We have been given a brand new BENTLY to go to the wedding in from bet-bet's link family as he is in the car business. so that is something really exciting to look forward to.

found a company yesterday that hire mens outfits for £55!! thats everything. new shirt, which he gets to keep, waistcoat, cravat,even hankie for his pocketso that was anothergood find!!

I hope you have a good weekend and fingers crossed for me with the pc!

love you all loads


Thursday, 10 August 2006



Are you wondering how we got on yesterday??????????

Maybe i should make you stew a little longer..........

I cant help myself.......

I'm so.........


THE MAN FROM DEL MONTY.....(vicar man really!)

HE SAID.......


Its all arranged i'm going to be a Mrs again!

Mum and Dad have been and booked a reception place this morning....and paid for it!!!

I have so many idea's going through my head so i will appologise in advance....as all i'm going to tell you about between now and 16th June 2007 (just incase you forgot the date!) is talk wedding talk!

You are all invited. We will have to have a journal reception party!

Love you all to bit's

Joanne.....soon to be MRS!!

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

passing on the word!

Each link goes to a journal that will tell you more about what is happening and how you can get involved.  If for some reason you don't understand something then email the owner of that journal.


he is making a video for everyone to particpate in!!
The above has been copied from Jackies Journal aka hope floats, as she wanted everyone to know about the forthcoming 3rd birthday of J-Land.
So go ahead and copy the above for your journal also if you want to.
Hugs for you all
p.s managed to get a photographer! £350 and we get 80 pics in an album.....BARGAIN....I hope! lol :) 

Monday, 7 August 2006

news flash!!!!!!








help me!!!!!

i am in desperate need of someone who can photograph the wedding!!

they need to be cheap!

maybe i should invite all of you....but ou can only come if you bring a camera!!!

might have to con Jeannette's hubby...i know he's good at photograph's!!!!

I have a new hobby....wedding planner!!!

2 days till we see the vicar, so hope you are all still keeping things crossed for me...fingers toes arms and legs...or anything else you can cross would be greatly appreciated! ;)

love you all to bits


Sunday, 6 August 2006


hello my dear friends

Recieved some pictures the other day from a wedding that shane and i went to and thought you might like to see them.

number 1 is Shane and myself

number 2 is the bride and groom (sara and fil) shane and me at the ends and clare and stuart in between.

We are off to see the vicar on Wednesday morning, so please keep your fingers crossed for us that we get a result and do manage to get married in the church. it will be full speed ahead then with all the arrangement's.

am in a bit of a pickle.......had decided, due to the cost to not have anybridesmaid dresses. Shane had 2 daughters and i have one and a neice. all family was a bit dissapointed at the thought of no bridesmaids....so now i have 5!!!!! the fifth 1 being sophie from bet's link family, who is 23, and who will hopefully try and keep the little ones in their place. the problem i have is what to dress them in. the 3 little ones are not a problem, sophie is not a problem, my dear daughter is the problem. as you know she is dissabled and unfortunatly has a weight problem so it will be near impossible to just buy a dress for her. do i have her's and sophies made so they are the same colour and have the flowergirls in a different colour? ? ? ?

have been offered a Bentley to go to the wedding in!!!!

Charlie is going to be a ring bearer on a little pillow!

was hoping Bryce could be a pageboy and maybe scatter rose petal's for me!!! He'll be 3 and 3 months by the wedding date....do you think he will be old enough?

any idea's please feel  free to let me know!

LOve you all loads and am reading all your journals still!

Chin up sara!

hugs for you Joyce

love to Ally, Joan, Jan and jeannette!

hope i havent missed anyone!