Sunday, 29 January 2006

update on charlie

Good morning everyone

Just wanted to let all my friends know how Charlie is doing. He had a very peacefull night and seemed to sleep soundly. I on the other hand was up most of the night listening to him and poking him every so often to make sure he was improving. He was very hot about 9pm last night and had a temp of 40.3 so i was undecided as to wether i should ring for help but decided that maybe just keeping an eye on him would be better. Think he had to get worse before he got better to be honest. It didn't help that when he had all his medication last night that he was sick.

Anyway, His fever has now broken, he's eaten some icecream and has started to drink a little so the signs are all good at the moment.

Have decided that school is a definite no no till next monday as i want him here with me where i can keep my eye on him. School is also in for a mouthfull as he says he told them how ill he felt during the day on thursday and they told him that he would be wrong were they! If my kids are ill I want to know ASAP!

Haven't had anymore fighting for his breath so the steroids are still in the bottle, lets hope it stays that way!

I am in the process of cooking a lovely roast and so my house smells lovely, i'm hoping he will eat a little for me later.

I'll speak to you all very very soon and thatnks for all your lovely messages to my dear charlie....i so almost lost him on friday...he even told me he thought he was going to to not think about it i think or it will drive me insane.

Love you all lots


p.s... my mum has been a rock this past few days and has helped me no end. THANKS MUMMY I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.


Saturday, 28 January 2006


hello my good friends.

just a quick entry. my charlie was rushed by ambulance last night to hospital. he was having real trouble breathing and when he started to go a funny colour i phoned 999. i had spoken to our gp earlier in the day and was told to see how he was and take him down to be seen monday if no god are they gonna get a kick up the arse first thing monday morning.

charlie has got an infection in his throat near the vocal cords and viral croup which is why he was having problems due to his throat swelling. he is on the mend and will be ok. is on antibiotics and i have a dose of steroids in case it happens again.

they done a chest xray last night and there were bits on his lungs...dr thinks this is a bit of croup.

i'm now a nervous wreck! had a lot of support from my friend last night (you know who i mean joyce) so that was lovely.

will keep you updated

love you all


happy birthday nanny...gone but not forgotten.


Sunday, 1 January 2006


sorry sorry sorry sorry

I have been a very bad journaler! Haven't posted in ages. can't appologise to you all enough! Me and xmas just don't get on well i'm afraid. Makes me all depressed and lonely. I know I have my babies but sometimes i miss adult company at this time of year.

I'll even admit to you all that i shed a tear at midnight...silly i know!

I have decided that i am going to concentrate on the next 12 months positivly. No more looking back at all the rotten things that haunt me...but at all the nice things i babies, my family and my friend Clare!

so here goes.......Happy Christmas

Happy new year.

My resolution is to post at least once a week. If it looks like i'm not keeping to this please send me an email to remind me!

See you all soon. Love you all lots and lots!!


ps i have been reading all your journals...they have kept me going!!