Thursday, 13 April 2006

ohhh i'm so excited Charlie will be back at 3:30!!! He sounded so happy on the phone yesterday....i feel sorry for him having to come home again. Bethany is in a rotten mood and i know she will be nasty to him. love you all.....JOANNE

Monday, 10 April 2006

boo hoo i'm all alone....for a change!

hi everyone

just wanted to let you all know that charlie got away ok on his holiday....and yes i did cry! I managed to wait till the bus had gone though.....all my mum kept saying was to take deep breaths!

i spoke to him briefly on the phone earlier and he sounded so excited. had already been doing archery and was off tonight on a scrapheap challenge! He said he was in a roon with 3 bunk bed's so hopefully none of the other boys snore....although he has had lots of broken nights the last few days due to Bryce's chickenpox, so a bit of snoring probably wont disturb him at all. charlie has only ever been to stay away at my mums before so it feels really strange that he is away in norfolk having to really look after himself. I hope he changes his pants and sock's! lol.  the last things he said to me was i love you mummy and i promise i will be good! i'm sure he will try as i did explain to him that if he did act silly it would look bad on me!

Bryce's spots are look ing a little better now so hopefully we are over the worst and maybe he will manage to sleep for a complete night tonight. I am to be honest completely wiped out through lack of sleep and with the children being on easter holidays my days have been anything but quiet, so i am going to try and have a little bit of as rest while i can!

Shane hasn't come to see me tonight as he has got his daughters so i am completely alone (apart from the other 2 who are sleeping) so i expect i will be going to bed tonight sooner rather than later!

will post again on thursday evening when charlie comes home to tell you all about his adventures!

love you all lots and lots



Sunday, 9 April 2006

spots spots spots!

hi everybody.....hope you are all well.

before anything i ned to appologise for my typing....i am deprived of sleep at the will soon find out why!

my poor little baby bryce is covered from head to toe in chickenpox! he has spent the last 48 hours just laying on my lap totally naked! they look so big on his little body. they are worse around his bum but i think thats because of the nappy. He seems a little better today although there are loads more new spots that have appeared during the night.we will see how he goes during the day, might take him to see his nanny and grandad for a bit later just to break the day up a little! wont take him anywhere public though as he is still contagious and would hate to pass it on to somebody else.

mum came and sat for a while last night as i have been housebound due to the chickenpox being SO contagious, and needed time out, so i went to the indian with Shane for a couple of hours. Came home expecting to find Baby awake....haha he was sound asleep! He did sleep for most of last night but i was awake waiting for him to wake.

luckily Bethany and Charlie have both had the pox before as they are both away this week. Charlie is going to west runton in norfolk to a camp for 3 nights. I'm dreading it as he has never been away from me before apart from when he stays with my mum and will be very quiet without him. He will be going with his young carers group on a mimi bus so please all think of be tomorrow at 12:30 as my boy goes off on his own...think i will cry...know i will cry....feel like crying now! how silly is that! he is growing up!

he will be home late thursday afternoon. Bethany is going for a respite stay in stowmarket on friday till sunday. wont cry about that as she has been going for 2 years now and loves it! will have to go collect her on the sunday morning.

so my house is going to feel very strange for the next week! half my workload will go and there will be no fighting!!!!!

Havent really got anything else to report to you all....apart from i'm exhausted!...but thats part of being a mummy!

must go now and put baby in another bicarbonite of soda bath to ease the itching

love you all lots and really are the bestest friends i have!