Saturday, 28 April 2007

i am back.....for good! or until the pc decides it doesnt love me anymore lol.

have been planting in the garden....tomato's, courgettes and peppers. dont hold your breath i will manage to kill them, although this is my first attempt at veggies!

i always manage to kill houseplants lol

I havent really been up to much just the everyday normal stuff.

have got a piece of important stuff to tell you but will post it in the week!

love you all

happy sundays


Wednesday, 11 April 2007

still about!!

i'm still here as some of you know! Shane hasnt yet come to get his pc, so am using it still as much as possible. several things have happened since i was here.

all accusations made by social sevices have been proven to be all knew that though. they have made a request to the variety club for money to build me a you think it is maybe an act of guilt? i do! but hell if they want to build me one they can... although it will never make up for what they have done to me.

bryce was rushed to hospital at 2am last thursday morning as he couldnt breathe properly. the emergency services were brilliant. rapid response was almost breaking down my door within 5 minutes of nhs direct calling them, the paramedics arrived 2 minutes after that. when we got to the hospital i was a nervous wreck, bryce on the other hand thought it was a hoot too see all the flasing light...thats how bad he was. he had a pulse of 189 and blood oxygen of only 91%. they couldnt hear any noise on his chest but after having an xray they found a big black patch at the bottom of his left lung...he had pneumonia...a seconday thing to the chest infection he had a few weeks back. we came home at 2pm the next day. he is back to my happy cheeky 3 year old already. he will be starting playgroup for 5 sessions a week as of monday coming up. i must stop calling him baby bryce!

bethany was sick on saturday, charlie has it today, bryce will have it tomorrow lol.....hope i dont get it! 

I want to wish Jeannette a speedy recovery from her operation. you have been so brave Jeannette.

now i have to tell you Joyce, I am so very sorry about your mother. it must be a dreadful time for you, and a terrible shock. I dont know how you are coping. DH will see you through it all i'm sure. I'm sending you lots of love and hugs. i think of you often.

Joan...........have you got a doctors appointment yet? i'll be after you!!!!!!

sara...are you ready for the jelly to go back to school!!!! i will be round for a cake.

Stuart............hope millie smells a little better tonight.

Jan and Ally i love you both.

I hope i havent missed anyone out?? appologies if i have

anyway....i must be off as charlie is about to start honking up again...he has gone a funny green colour!

love you all so much, but you all know that already....well i hope you do!

love always


ps i'm sure there is something that i have forgotten to say......................................