Monday, 30 October 2006


Do any of you know where charlies school shoes are????

we dont know either....what a good start to the day!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

I made that pic!!!!!

Please someone must know where i can get some fail safe tutoprials for psp....the ones that thickies can understand...cause i'm one of them lol.

lots of love and sunday hugs coming you way


Saturday, 28 October 2006

I made that picture go like that. I know its nothing special but i'm soooo proud that i managed to make something!

Love Joanne

Friday, 27 October 2006


A couple of you wanted to know what was special about my cake. so, here is a picture of it. I think it is so romantic, and different to any i have ever seen before.

Mine wont look exactly like the one you can probably wont have the round cakes on the corners as my wedding will be having 100 guests and not 1000!

will post pictures of the finished product after the wedding when we have the pictures.

I seem to have obtained a few new readers. so hello if you are new.....leave a link and i will visit you i promise!!

love you all


ps...... do any of you know where i can learn how to make all the graphics and pretty pictures that people use on their journal? I had a couple of links but lost them when the old pc blew up! Thanks

I am crying

This will be the last time I beg for someone to help me find my cathedral cake kit.


The company concerned have even rang me this morning to confirm they have it. It is all packed up and is now leaving to come to me.

Please all keep your fingers crossed that it doesnt get lost or damaged in the post.

I wont sleep until it arrives!

I want to thank my friend Darren (suffolkdar) who managed to track it down for me last night. I've been speaking to Daz near enough since I first come on line. he is a real friend.

I have told him he is coming to the wedding, and to bring his wife, because I want to buy him a drink, and give him a hug for being so clever.

I know this sounds silly but i cried when i realised the cake was going to happen, it really is a dream come true!

hope you are all ok.

love Joanne


Thursday, 26 October 2006

Have just had a message from paypal to say my money has been refunded as the item is no longer I dont have the cake of my dreams after all. have sent the company concered an email to ask why they list the product if its not in stock. wont get a reply.

so if any of you people see a wedding cake while you surf the net and its out of this world , email me the link, unless you are in the USA and manage to find the cathedral and trust me to send you the money.

love Joanne

Backstreet boys

my diet

As you all know i recently joined celebrity fat club...whoops sorry that is what my dad calls it. I meant weightwatchers.

I have been loosing weight....slow but sure seems to be my way.

I was thinking earlier that I would like to share some of the recpies with you thtar i have been trying

This first one has got to be the most delicious dish I have ever cooked....I didnt cook much up until recently, lived on tv dinners and junk, thats the reason I am so fat now.

Chicken and Mushroom Strogganof

i onion chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped

cookin 2 tablespoons of water to soften

turn up heat and add

12oz chopped chicken- cook to seal

Then add

1 teaspoon paprika

1 tablespoon worcester sauce

2 1/2 tablesppons brandy

10fl oz chicken stock

8oz button/sliced mushrooms

cook for approx 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked

remove from heat and add small tub (3 1/2oz) half fat creme freche.

I normally eat mine with pasta or bolied potatoes and veg but i think it would be lovely on a jacket potatoe.

I have now lost half a stone....yipeeeee for me!!

If no one wants me to post recepies just let me know....i wont be offended, just thought i would see how it went.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JELLY BOY, they grow up so quickly!

love always


Wednesday, 25 October 2006


I have just found my cathedral cake kit in the has been paid for by paypal...I am so excited...shane is so p****d off with hearing about it lol lol.

so cancel begging journal that i done earlier....lets all celebrate.

who wants to bet that when it comes i dont like it!!!!

shane will brainwash me into liking it!

i'm so excitied i could burst


a quiz

Here is a list of items

1.......a rich tea biscuit

2.......a wooden toy

3.......various coins

4.......scrap of paper

5.......charlies trading cards x2

6.......a toothbrush

can you guess where i have just removed the above from?????????


10points if you guess correctly


can you wait to find out???????


ok keep going down













Bryce has been playing postman grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I for one am not impressed.

but at least now I know how to take a gas fire to pieces and then put it back together again!

If i dont do anymore entries you will know why....i put it back together wrong and it has exploded!

love you


Ok this is a big favour to ask of anyone who lives in the USA.

I have been let down now twice over mt wedding cake kit. first company had it on their site, i ordered it, payed for it online, and then sat back and waited, and waited, and waited.

emailed them....sorry this item is out of stock....thanks for that i thought, dont give up look for it somewhere else.

I do a google and found it again. ordered it, payed online, got a receipt, then an email today to say sorry we need proof that you are who you say you are, drivers licence, passport, so i have lost that one also.

If anyone would be prepared to get me mt cathederal kit I will send the money to them via paypal or anyway they want it.

I know this is a lot to ask, I'm sorry for asking, I am desperate.

here is a link to a few who sell it.


CakeArt Party Store : Categories > Cake Stands/Pillars/Plates/Fountains > Misc. Cake Stand Accessories

Sorry to sound so silly about it all.

love you all loads



Saturday, 21 October 2006

Dont laugh!!

poor charlie has just come and told me he has done a poo and it is bright green.

so i done a google on green poo and now i cannot stop laughing

there is a reason its green

he has been putting loads of blue food colouring on his cereal in the morning, if it means he eats it i'm not bothered about this.

apparently if you consume loads of blue food colouring you get green poo!!

I will have to get him a job on doctor as a zombie child with green poo!!

Bridesmaid dress came this is stunning, loads better than the picture on ebay.

Happy weekend to you all

Love Joanne

ps have had loads of letters from victim support after last friday, to see if charlie is ok.....pity the police havent bothered to come do a statement

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

I got this in an alert....

I can guarentee it definately isnt jordan (katie price) singing this.

I watched the whole of her last series with their wedding. they recorded this for the event and no way did it sound anything like this.

I am a fan of katie's and wish people would give her a break.

Audio me

this is the proper way it should be.....enjoy



have just got back from ipswich

I have got the most beautiful wedding dress!!!!! it makes me look soooooo skinny, which I am not lol. it is all hidden away at mum's now so i dont show anybody. lol

Am not going to tell you what it is like as shane is on aol and might read my journal, but will tell you what its like if you email me!!!

got it for a good price, £250 reduced from £575 so was pleased about that!

shane and I took my mum out for her dinner it was yummy. I had salmon and king prawns, a jacket potatoe and green beans, no dressing or butter! got to watch my weight

hope you are all ok, dont really have anything to report, which means no bad news lol

love you all to bits


Wedding has been uncancelled lol

I am off to ipswich today to buy my wedding dress with mum

found it last week

but cannot remember if i told you or not

I am so excited!!!!!!!

love you all

Charlie is still waiting for the police to come and take a statement from him.....they probably wont bother now!

love you


will do a proper entry later on!

have a good day

Friday, 13 October 2006

I'm taking big deep breaths...i feel like crying

have spoken to mum tonight about what happened. she agree's i should move.

so, tomorrow i have to speak to shane about moving, will have to cancel/pospone the wedding , cant afford to do both. but at the end of the day a fresh start would be a good thing as this house holds so many terrible memory's.

had found my wedding dress today.....they had put it away for me.....will have to cancel that now

the police have just left

charlie has been assulted

his friend came at 5:45 to tell me he was being beaten up at the park down the road.

i dialed 999

i felt so sick as i could hear the police sirens going to find him

he came in at 6

he is so upset, but thank god not hurt

the boy picked him up by the throat and threw him to the floor

police came....are coming back to take a statement from him in a bit.

the little bastard that done it is 10....was the reason i had to change his school before.

I think the boy is psycotic.....I know he is.

his mother is the same...her sister beat me up when i was 17, i had a black face for 2 weeks after that, looked like i had been in a car accident.

will be talking to shane later, will be moving now, dont want to be here anymore

I am so sad.........

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Yes i know 3 entries in a day! wanted you to hear this and tell me what you think.

I am having it at the wedding for definate, possibly just before i enter the church.

listen to the lyrics.

love you all


for my mum.The words are all very true, and how i feel about my mum.

thanks for your help stuart


I have several things to tell you today, so please bear with me.

bethany has her date to go and have her tonsils out, 2nd november. 3 weeks today. 21 days. 504 hours. 20240 i seem nervous....i am trying to breath deeply!! I totally hate it when she has something done in hospital. to date she has been put to sleep 8 times, and no it doesnt get easier. mum is coming to look after me while i try to look after Bethany.

have been to look around Charlies high school for next year. it looks fab, i just hope they let him go. will go look around the school of bullies monday night just incase i dont get him where i want him to go. I was blown away by all the stuff at the school. it is so different to when i went 20 years ago, but seemed the same. there is a corridor in the school that i used to be soooo scared to walk down, it still scared me today, although not quite as much. must make a mental note to not tell charlie about the scary corridor! they had so much state of the art stuff there. he will love it i am sure. they have a special needs lady who i am going to go and see nearer the time of him starting.

I have a new mother lol.

you all know her.....Jan aka serendipidy. She is so lovely to all are. you are like my second family. stuart is dad, jan is mum, jeannette, ally, joyce, jackie and joan you are my aunty's. sara and lise jo my sisters. if anyone else would like to adopt me just let me know!! could do with a nanny and grandad, and maybe an uncle!!

managed to lose 1 1/2lbs this week so lost what i gained last week so hopefully will be back on track.

Bryce is lovely

charlie came home from school yesterday....can i have £160 to go on a school trip mum....try saying please son you may find it works!! lol

i am now off to raid my cupboards for food, wont find anything in them though lol so will have to have a fag instead!

love you all


Friday, 6 October 2006

I love you Stuart

Oh I'm such a happy bride to be......... Stuart....oh Stuart.......

Do you know how much you have done for me.

He only managed to find a website where i could buy my cake church.

I went straight away and got it, was very reasonable, just under £17 which included the post and packaging from the USA.would of cost more than that to buy some flowers to plonk on top!

I totally promise to post pictures of the cake after the wedding.

Its going to be a big secret from both families, as i know for a fact they are going to be blown away with it.

Thanks again Stuart, you are my hero....and tom and Jerry is on again today too....on his website.

big kisses coming your way!!!!!



help needed.

0k here goes. this probably doesnt apply to my friends in the uk as i have never ever seen anything like this before, but you may have the answers in need.

i was browsing on ebay looking for a cake topper, and found myself looking at the american site.

omg....i found the most perfect precious cake topper....i have never ever seen anything like it before in my life, and now unfortunatly i am desperate to have one for the wedding!

so click the link below and please if you can help me to locate one you would truly be making a dream come true for me.

Joyce,Jakie and Lisa Jo in the U.S please please please can you help me...or at least point me in the right direction of where i can get one of these.

Thanks everyone! love you all to bits

eBay: WILTON WEDDING CATHEDRAL CAKE KIT (item 220033543455 end time Oct-06-06 10:52:03 PDT)


Wednesday, 4 October 2006


I managed to gain weight this week. not a massive amount....1-1/2 lbs but i'm still cross about it.

i know why though........I have missed my mum like mad this past week so have been eating rubbish again, crisps, chocolate and sweets, milky coffee's and just junk whenever i can.

I am going to try harder this week or i will look like the above photo!

love you all to bits


p.s thanks for tom and jerry Stuart!!

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Monday, 2 October 2006

kids ok!

mum and dad back Thursday I cant wait!!!

Diet has been non exsistant this week...think i miss mum.

went to bingo this afternoon with friends.....guess how much i won!!!


not a penny lol!


Do you reacon I have had my 22 points of food for today lol!

had a lovely chat with mother Jan and aunty Ally this morning...we missed you stuart.

PMSL.......ask jan what that means i have been teaching her chat lingo!

Playschool are saying Bryce has very bad speach, sister in law thinks maybe he cant hear properly, playschool agree....{{{sigh}}} will it ever end with these kids of mine!

Hello DAZMONDO if you are reading leave me a comment!

Am now off to have a coffee and a fag and to decide if i should eat tonight (smoked haddock,potatoes and sweetcorn) or just have an early night.

love you all to bits