Friday, 23 November 2007


lets hope virgin airlines dont serve mushy peas on monday when we go to Orlando!!!!

will catch up with everybody when we get back

take care all of you

love you all


Tuesday, 13 November 2007

this and that

hello everyone how are you all.

yes i am still here, reading all of your journals daily as the alerts appear in my email in box or pop up on the screen.

have been having quite a rough time here of late. mostly problems with charlie boy and his new school. i was phoned last week to say he had had an accident and could i go up.....i said ok i will be as quick as i can...they said please asap there is an ambulance on ots way!

so off i race and get to school. no ambulance to be seen so i calmed down a bit. started walking through the school with a very worried receptionist. "it cant be that bad if i beat an ambulance" i said.....they are up the field with him already, was the reply i got!

so i ran....and ran....and ran. how i didnt pass out i will never know.

he was on a spinal board when i got there with neck colar on and loads of straps to keep him imoblised.

they then went on to give him morphine. at this point i was close to collapse myself.

went to the hospital and after he had been checked over by the doctor, while we were waiting to have xrays, he told me what had really happened. an older boy, year 11, picked him up and threw him to the ground as he thought my boy had spat at a girl!

you can imagine how i reacted.

i straight away phoned the school and told them what had happened and named the boy who had assulted mine.

we were finally discharged, although they wanted to keep him in for observation, with a wiplash and concussion, with strick instructions to have him with me at all time over the next few hours.

he still hasnt gone back to school as he is refusing to go...who can blame him.

on a nicer not we are off on our holiday to Orlando on the 26th November, so less that 2 weeks now! any good advice for me as regards to the travelling and things to do will be greatly welcomed!

take care everyone

still love you all lots!