Wednesday, 1 October 2008



my new journal although had given it the same name before i realised u shouldnt do




sorry for the swearing

i know i dont write as often as i should

i'm so sad about the journals

we have all been through so much together

u have all helped me so much these past 3 years

i have watched you all, mostly as silent these past few months, but believe me i have been with you all.

have made some really special friends on here feel like  i will loose you all.

i have set up a blogger thing. think its crap though

please if any of you leave aol through this take my email address with you and keep in touch.

I can just think of all the things we have all been through. Jeannette and her cancer........sara jane and mr brainswhispers falling in love......joyce and her family in the U.S

really do want to cry

dont ever forget u have all been my life for the past 3 years and i will never forget you.

goodbye Joanne's journal. I will be deleting it before aol can.