Tuesday, 8 April 2008

update on moorfields

So yesterday morning me and my babe were up with the larks and out of the door by 7:15. Went and collected mum and went to the bus top to go to London.

we sat near the back so we were near the toilet for Bryce lol never again. someone done a poo....it made the whole bus smell and i had to breath through my mouth for 10 minutes lol.

We got into London after 4 hours. my boy was a star and didnt cause one bit of fuss for the whole trip. went and grabbed a quick coffee and snack then set off again.

As you may or may not remember my mum has reumatoid arthritis, so she was scared to go on the tube so we opted for a taxi as neither of us really knew where to go. £20 it cost, i nearly passed out on the spot.

got to the hospital and straight away you can see the difference between nhs and going "private". no rooms full of people waiting, no waiting about, everyone who talked to us smiled and made us feel special.

The first person we saw was the ortoptist. she was lovely and was very good to Bryce. We then went on to see the consultant. she also was an angel and very good with my babe.


He has a stigmatism, the eye isnt round but oval-Ipswich have never told me this

He has a lazy eye- again never told this before.

He see's through his bad eye in 2D as apposed to 3D- undigagnosed before.

He has a very small optic nerve- never told this at Ipswich.

He has got periferal vision (can see out of the corners of his eye) but cannot see properly what is right in front of his nose.

The consultant went on to say there are lots of tests they want to do as she genuinly wants to help my boy and can see its killing me inside that we have been let down so badly by the local hospital. She was actually appalled at the way he had been treated.

As she was telling us about these tests all i could see were £ signs and was wondering where on earth i was going to find all this money as i couldnt expect my mum and dad to pay for it all, so imaging my surprise when the consultant straight away told me she was going to put him on her nhs list so we dont have to pay anymore money!

So in 5/6 weeks time we will be making the trip to London again to see her again. we will then have to go back to have electrical tests on his brain, and then sometime after that he will be admitted as they want to do a brain scan to get a proper look at this optic nerve.

You must of all had your fingers crossed for me yesterday so thank you so much for that!

we will be going on the train next time lol although its double the price of the taxi its only a mile from the hospital so we wont have massive taxi fares to pay!

Charlie has just left for his new school so i will feel sick all day. Bethany has got an appointment at hospital today for her heart.

Take care love you all


ps is this the longest entry i have ever written lol


jeadie05 said...

Jo thanks for the long entry ,and thank the Lord for the ortoptist,who put an end to all the stuff the people at the Ipswich hospital have been telling you ,so pleased they feel they can help Bryce ,I think these London taxi drivers spot us small town folk ,and take us the long way round in order to fleece us ..love Jan xx

louiseb411 said...

What good news about Bryce. Hope school went ok for Charlie and the same goes for Bethanys check up.  Louise xx

ally123130585918 said...

Hi Joanne just caught up with your entry from yesterday and the pictures are lovely ~ that is such good news from the hospital ~ and great to know Bryce has been put on the nhs list ~ and they say they are going to help him ~ glad you don't have to worry about having to pay anymore money out ~ Hope Charlie gets on well at his new school ~ Ally x

astoriasand said...

It's a while since I have been round Joanne.Not quite back to normal yet and it will be  quite a while I think before I am,Just trying to do a few comments this evening.I am so so happy to read your wonderful good news.I hope everything in the future comes up rosie you deserve nothing but the best.Yehh!! I am so happy you do not have to find the money for all what is going to be done.How lovely to read such great news for once.You look after yourself Joanne prayers for the future and I hope everyone is well and  Charlie enjoyed his new school day.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

jmoqueen said...

I'm so relieved for you that things went well and Bryce is finally going to receive the treatment he deserves xx



wobblymoo said...

That is brilliant news Joanna, all of it. It just proves what I have been saying for years though, never never believe that just because someone is called Dr they know everything and get it right all of the time

ukgal36 said...

just stopping by to say hi..been a while...

springangel235 said...

So thankful for the good news about Bryce....hope you are having a beautiful week...hugs and love,