Tuesday, 19 August 2008

How did i loose the weight...........stopped eating rubbish lol.

hardly no sweets and fizzy pop for me. did start at the gym but havent been a while as its always so manic here! Will start again in september when kids go back to school.

update on kids......Bethany is a young woman now, 14 years old. hardly seems possible. she is always going places with her different groups, costs me an arm and leg in petrol lol.

Charlie is being a very good boy at the moment. hasnt been taking his adhd medication all summer holidays as i think its good to have a break. He seems to know now when his behaviour is unacceptable and thinks twice before he acts on something.

Bryce is still Bryce. no change with him lol.  We still going to London to the eye hospital that is also costing me big time on the train. we went last week and missed the train we had booked home as hospital were delayed, we had to buy the tickets again and it cost £62 for 2 singles....good job he is still 4 and doesnt need a ticket lol.

Oh well my lovely friends i need to run now as Bethany is off for 3 nights respite and needs collecting at 1pm from her dad's.

luvs ya!



aniracj said...

I have cut out all the rubbish now, with Slimming World and feeling so much better (apart from a recent back injury!), only drawback is that eating healthily can be expensive!!!
Glad to hear all is well. Will try and get that elusive entry on this weekend....loads to say but don't want to bore everyone, LOL!!!

ally123130585918 said...

Joanne well done on the weight loss ~ glad the children are OK and Bethany is having fun going out with her groups ~ shame about having to buy new tickets to get home especially as it was not your fault you missed the train ~ Ally x

wobblymoo said...

Sounds like everything is ticking along nicely, lovely to hear how you are doing :)

jeadie05 said...

Great to hear fropm you again Jo ,well done losing your weight ,yes your kids are at the age where everything costs ..love Jan xx

astoriasand said...

Doing catch up again Joanne after a long break.Love your new hairstyle what a pretty girl you are.Well done losing weight I could do with plenty off myself.How time flies kids aren't kids for long are they? Make the best and enjoy  them while you have chance.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES